Monday, January 2, 2012

Strokes and streaks

A couple of weeks ago I assembled my first vehicle, a Rhino. Yes I know - don't buy Rhinos, buy any other rhino based vehicle and get more options for your money. I learnt that the hard way, by feeling stupid when I realised the simple truth.

Now I have started painting it. I threw myself onto the task thinking I could just use the same methods I do when painting a regular ultramarine. However, it seems I might have been a bit hasty.
I'm not saying I need an airbrush, but oh god, I need an airbrush. My paintbrushes are too small and I don't have the patience to keep the paint as thin and paint as many layers as it would take to do the job properly with a paintbrush.

So my friends, what should I do? I can't motivate buying an airbrush right now. Plus it will take time to learn how to use it properly. Is the GW "Tank brush" any good? I would love to hear some top tips on vehicle painting.

Paintbrush Tweetwood