Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Seamus is in the house!

So I finished my first Malifaux model. Here he is! Now I'm moving on to the rest of his crew.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Mad Hatter

Getting sidetracked is to me not a negative thing, at least when it comes to my free time. It is me, it's what I do and it's how I stay creative and learn new things.

I recently had my first test game of Malifaux with a friend and I must say I am intrigued. Its high accessibility combined with depth of strategy and relatively quick playtime is very appealing to me.

Here is my crew, the Redchapel gang. Feels like a good start to get an understanding and at the same time with pleasing aesthetics which will make painting them a joy.
Assembling them on the other hand was not very joyful. These little metal guys require some quite intricate pinning. My hands were sore and full of glue a couple of hours afterwards, but that was an ok price to pay!

So far I have purchased the following:
  • Redchapel starter box
  • Zuzzy game mat 3'x3'
  • Two totems for Seamus
  • The fancy bases the gang is mounted on
  • Two fate decks
  • The 1.5 core rulebook
  • A couple of terrain pieces from Sarissa
All of which will be very easy to sell, should I not like this endeavour into the Breach. However, I already have a positive vibe. Let's see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pants on head crazy

At last, some more progress! All pants basecoated. I have been away over the weekend and have had little to no time for painting. On the upside, I am super motivated to get my boyz done. Also, I ordered a Big Mek with KFF. That should be super fun to paint. But not before this lot is done. :)