Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Mad Hatter

Getting sidetracked is to me not a negative thing, at least when it comes to my free time. It is me, it's what I do and it's how I stay creative and learn new things.

I recently had my first test game of Malifaux with a friend and I must say I am intrigued. Its high accessibility combined with depth of strategy and relatively quick playtime is very appealing to me.

Here is my crew, the Redchapel gang. Feels like a good start to get an understanding and at the same time with pleasing aesthetics which will make painting them a joy.
Assembling them on the other hand was not very joyful. These little metal guys require some quite intricate pinning. My hands were sore and full of glue a couple of hours afterwards, but that was an ok price to pay!

So far I have purchased the following:
  • Redchapel starter box
  • Zuzzy game mat 3'x3'
  • Two totems for Seamus
  • The fancy bases the gang is mounted on
  • Two fate decks
  • The 1.5 core rulebook
  • A couple of terrain pieces from Sarissa
All of which will be very easy to sell, should I not like this endeavour into the Breach. However, I already have a positive vibe. Let's see how deep the rabbit hole goes.


  1. Ha - I recently bought the warmachine starter box. I found the quality of the minis subpar compared to GW, but they painted up alright. Check my posts in /r/warmachine or my (newly collected) imgur page (

    1. Awesome work as always, Dave! Great to hear I'm not the only one with multiple projects at once. ;)