Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Apprentice craftsman

The final result of my first stab at terrain crafting is pictured above. Partly a revisit to a previous blog entry, but also some new adventures. I have taught myself a valuable lesson here; to be efficient in terrain crafting from XPS styrofoam I need to procure one of these. The task is a bit too arduous and messy otherwise.

Nevertheless, I am somewhat pleased with the result. Some people have questioned my choice of Stonehenge-like gateway. Does it really fit into the 40k universe? Well, perhaps not. But the shape is quite easy to craft, it has a bit of flair to it and it has interesting LOS characteristics.

Note to self: go for lighter shades of grey when basecoating stone terrain. I did too many dark layers on these ones. One basecoat and two drybrushings should be enough.

Peace out,
Painter Dude

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