Saturday, February 4, 2012

Back out of chaos black

Fellow dads (and non-dads)!

Sorry for my lack of pen-and-camera wielding lately. I blame the flu actually, persistent headaches takes the fun and relaxation out of painting, but this is my first night without painkillers, so here is a mini update for your WIP pleasures. If by any chance my painting does not give you any pleasure at all, you may surf elsewhere. Try Hammerit.

My current batch on the painting station:
I try to keep at least one Ork in rotation since it pleases the missus... I have assured her that satisfying amounts of pink will be added at later stages. The captain has been on my todo list way too long now, but I wanted to wait until I had done a couple of models with good results. In my opinion, ones army leaders should be painted with twice the dedication of the grunts! I will leave the banner for last, since I haven't decided on the color scheme yet. The rest of the model is however basecoated now and is ready for washes.

The assault marine is on low prio, since I want to do the whole group at once.

Paint safely,

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