Friday, February 10, 2012

Captain Flair

Done! My Assault on Black Reach captain is finally not just a black boring blob on the battlefield, but rather a feast of red, white, blue and gold. Power weapons also benefit hugely from being properly painted, since they are so important in heated assault battles.
I realized during the final detailing that I need to get myself a decent black pen to do banner texts with. Freehanding with a detail brush just won't cut it - I don't have the skills. I have done some lettering with a brush, but not this small. That is why the model is missing the "ULTRA" text on the banner.


  1. Colors look great on it!
    I've heard Sakura Micron Pens are really useful for the tiny texts.

  2. Kan rekommendera: Copic Multiliner 0,05mm
    Finns t.ex. på (de har dock bara fysiska butiker i Sthlm,Malmö och Gbg) kostar 79:- där.

    Jag använder den för att göra pupiller på mina IG, finns även som 0,03 om man vill ha ännu finare.

  3. Tackar tackar, ska införskaffa något sådant!