Sunday, January 8, 2012


Those two empty access hatches in the front of my Rhino looked so shabby and unfinished that I decided to sort it out quickly on this Sunday evening. Two hours later, this is the "quickfix" result. I snapped a couple of pictures during the process to give you something to complain about.

First: basecoating. Mordian Blue, Graveyard Earth for areas to become gold, Boltgun Metal and Mechrite Red for some details.
Then, painting over the brown with Shining Gold and cleaning up mistakes using Chaos Black and Mordian Blue. Clean lines are a must for making the washing and highlighting easy.
Then, like a TV cook, I give you the finished result. ;-) What has happened here is washing - metal parts with Badab Black, Gold with Devlan Mud and blue parts with Asurmen Blue. That then takes a couple of minutes to dry. Next up was coarse highlighting (zenith etc) with Ultramarines Blue. Then sharp edge highlighting with a 1:1 mix of Ultramarines Blue and Space Wolves Grey. The red details got an inner coat of Blood Red, and the black areas were edge highlighted with Codex Grey. The metal paints got some zenith highlights of Shining Gold and Mithril Silver. Done!
The result is not in any way great or outstanding, but I like the wear and tear effect on the closed hatch at least. It was never meant to be excellent, but as a speed job I am very very pleased with the whole thing. And it sure will complete my Rhino.

The barrels will be drilled when I get my Tamiya pin vise I ordered from eBay. That will also be the start of my great magnetizing adventure. Expect reports from that. ;-)

Ta-ta for now,
Painter dad

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