Saturday, December 31, 2011

All your base are...

...not done yet. But that has a logical explanation (no, not laziness): I need to spray it with some purity seal matt varnish before gluing on the grassy patches. Other than that, I think I'm done. I could fiddle around a bit with the details and I can't say the lettering on the parchments are my finest work, but it's good enough™. And knowing when you are at good enough is a very important lesson to learn if a busy dad is ever going to get that army painted.
Finecasts are really fun to paint, but going back to regular resin models will be nice and easy. It will probably be a while until I do another finecast. That Librarian in terminator armor looks tempting though...
Next up: finishing my Rhino. Also, building some kind of lightbox for taking pictures of minis! A trip to IKEA is long overdue; baby stair protection gate thingy and better lighting for my hobby.

P Daddy

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