Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finecast finery

My very first finecast miniature is a Space Marine Chaplain, and I must say I am as impressed with the level of detail on these models as I am disappointed in the quality of the casting. It really looks stunning, but there are a LOT of casting artifacts and the bottom part was almost impossible to fit in the base. I emailed GW and they were very nice - apparently you can get a replacement by sending your bad miniature in to them.

After some serious scalpel action and superglue love I decided to keep it and start painting. The picture below shows my current progress. I use Chaos Black primer, and after that I basecoat with mixes of watered down foundation paints. Areas to be gold are basecoated with Graveyard Earth.

The next step is to add two coats of gold and then clean up the black areas to prepare for some grey edge highlighting. Then I will start layering the cloth/parchment stuff and purity seals. Fun stuff, but I really really need a working lamp and that Paint Station Plus I ordered to be able to work comfortably in the sofa next to the Mrs. Expect a review of that as well!

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  1. Du får lägga en step-by-step tutorial från omålad till klar som jag kan följa. Det vore nice!