Monday, October 27, 2014

Ongoing projects

Hello readers and fellow dads!

This place clearly needs to liven up, so here are some stuff I have been working on or is ongoing right now. This is not all of it, but it was what I had in my "decent photos" folder. Hope you like it.

This is the Dead Rider from Malifaux. A model I actually bought mostly to complete my Ressurrectionists diorama, in the slot where Izamu used to be. That model is a bit out of theme with the rest of the crew. It  was a total nightmare to assemble, and even though it looks cool enough, it really was a horrible kit  to work with. I recommend waiting for the new plastic kit if you fancy this model.

Here's a fun little piece I speedpainted just because one of my friends (and fellow Painter Dad) had brought it to the table so many times unpainted that I just couldn't resist. This is just brass/copper, the new oxide paint, drybrushing and then a simple stone base in greys. Love it though, and now Mattias won't have to keep pushing this down his prio queue. ;)

Speaking of Mattias, here is a present I got for keeping an eye on his pet. Chronus, the Ultramarines tank-boosting sergeant! Fun model to paint and it actually got me hungering for some more techmarine goodness. Maybe a Thunderfire Cannon is in my future. That seems to be a very broken kit unfortunately.

Also, my Infinity Aridna crew is shaping up! This was an early WIP and these are actually done now, painted to a very basic tabletop standard but still playable. I really can't say enough good things about the quality Corvus Belli are putting out. Fantastic. But I will wait a while until I paint this gang to a higher standard. More pics and models to come though, this was an old pic!

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