Tuesday, June 3, 2014

LinCon 2014

So all the regular Painter Dads had signed up for the Malifaux tournament at LinCon 2014. None of us had ever played anything more advanced than friendly games, so I was very excited to get to see some new crews, new players and fancy tricks. I really did not expect to finish anything better than last place, and 8th place out of 10 was the result. Very fair though, all the top players were quite experienced and we all learned a lot (and bought a lot of stuff in the convention stores, especially Narren, who are just awesome). I will make sure to play this tournament and maybe one more each year!

But I did win something, and not just any little thing, but Best painted crew. Very proud of my little guys, shown here on the display board I created for the convention. The sign I had ordered did not show up until the first weekday after the con though, so annoying. But still, I was the only one with a display board and that and my high saturation strong highlights style is probably what won the title.

So the pressure is on to create a new crew and new board for next year! Not making any promises, but Nicodem seems like a lot of fun... :)


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