Friday, March 1, 2013


I just have to tell you about a couple of products I have grown to love over the last few months. They are by no means obligatory for successful miniature painting, but they sure do make life a whole lot easier.
From left to right:
  • Tamiya Clear Red (X-27). This is a glossy acrylic paint that flows very nicely from the brush and looks just like fresh blood when it dries. Perfect for splattering on a sword or dripping from a wound!
  • Citadel Lahman Medium. Mix in a drop of any acrylic colour in this stuff and you get a glaze of that colour. Extremely handy for when your washes doesn't quite match up with the basecoat and layers you are working on.
  • Vallejo Matt Varnish. Wow. Take a big brush and paint this over your mini once it's done, and you have a piece that will not chip or wear down when gaming and transporting it.
  • Vallejo Surface Primer. Get rid of your expensive primer spray cans! Well, if you don't own an airbrush, keep them. But this stuff is really good since it can be painted on with a brush. I'm guessing here but I think you use 1/10th of the primer compared to spraying with spray cans. Also, it does not leave streaks on the model when painted on.
  • Vallejo Gloss Varnish. Simply perfect anytime you want a wet look. Gore, slime, water, wet mud, etc. Also protects the paint underneath really well of course.

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