Thursday, June 14, 2012

Building a portable gaming board, part 4

 This is part four, here is part three.

Prior to a small friendly tournament in the beginning of June, I finished my gaming board.
I applied a couple of layers of earth/mud brown color with a sponge and large flat brush (using dry brushing strokes, but with quite a lot of paint in the brush)

Work in progress
After three layers of increasingly brighter brown
Table ready for tournament!
 I'm quite satisfied with the result, although some lessons were learnt:

  • Don't glue the MDF boards and styrofoam together until you are finished with painting
  • Work with the whole gaming board all the time, don't do one MDF board at a time, the texture on the three boards will turn out very differently if you do.
  • Apply paint in random patterns/circles. Don't work from one edge to another (if you mix new paint at some point, you will have a noticeable change in color on the board)
  • Don't use wet sand
  • Don't mix glue and sand. Apply glue and then sand. 
  • You might not want that last layer of highlight color all over the board... :)

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