Friday, March 30, 2012

Battle report: 800pt seize ground

My friend Stedo came over last Wednesday to play a casual game, and this is how it went down.
Deployed in the lower left corner. Paint pots are objectives, three on my side and one on Stedo's. Scouts and dreaddy are gunning for the upper left objective, rhino with one combat squad are going for the center one. Combat squad with Libby ready to react and travel with Libby teleport. Prancing gay space elves have one objective but are ready to dance my way.
Turn 1 - me
Rhino blocks and holds center objective. Scouts and dreaddy cowardly holds leftmost objective. Lower combat squad takes a pot shot with the ML and kills one Pathfinder. First blood!
Turn 1 - stedo
Stupid Pathfinders kill one of my mighty space marines. Lucky shot. Falcon and Wave serpent move into shooting positions and fail miserably.
Turn 2 - me
Assault squad with Chaplain deep strikes right by the pathfinders. Combat squad with libby teleport but have a mishap, stedo gets to place them in the far lower right corner, where there is NOTHING TO DOOOOO. As punishment, I kill another pathfinder. Also, scouts stun the wave serpent with a glancing hit from the ML.
Turn 2 - stedo
Falcon, War walker and remaining Pathfinders come out all guns blazing against my newly arrived Assault squad and Chappy. No wounds. Some serious armor saves there...
Turn 3 - me
My assault guys jump the fence and gun down the pathfinders (troop choice) by the control point. Stedo faces defeat, but decides to go out russian style; on flames, beating me with his torn off limbs.
Turn 3 - stedo
The puny Dire avengers are onloaded, and uses their fleet to run and assault (rolling a 5) and make it all the way to my Assault squad. They proceed to kill one assault marine, but one of their own die as well. Looks like a long fight. My Libby squad try to teleport to cover, but fail and land a few inches away out in the open and take a beating.
Turn 4 - me
In my turn, I continue eating away at stedo's last troop choice in assualt, but also move my heroic guards, the dreddy and scouts, out in the open to shoot at the annoying falcon. The shots miss, but now he has to worry about those guys too. My squad with Libby run for cover behind the big pink rock.
Turn 4 - stedo
Unloading his Striking scorpions, my assault squad is futtbucked from behind. Farseer had Doom on them for many turns now. The consolidation move enables them to move up to the waiting Wave serpent for further transport. The last eldar troops are now holding the control point.
Turn 5 - me
Anticipating the arrival of the wave serpent, I unload my combat squad between the rhino and the black box thingy. My dreddy blocks the other entrance and also proceeds to melt the Falcon into a wreck. Good boy! The Libby and last marine try to teleport into the control point to the right, but mishap and are Delayed.
Turn 5 - stedo
Pathetic war walker blows my glorious rhino into little pieces and leave only a crater on the ground. The wave serpent flies OVER my clever blocks (stupid skimmers) and land right behind my coffee mug.
Turn 6 - me
My close combat squad move up and assault the wave serpent with grenades. Good idea, since it blows up and is no more. The passengers escape with their lives intact, only to find themselves in the loving, caring hands of my Lovenought. They are decimated, but alive and contesting the control point.
Turn 6 - stedo
Dire avengers holding the control point and silly long legs kill my last troop on the far right flank. Only the Libby is left standing, but he of course cannot take control points and is too far away to contest. The game ends before turn 7 starts, and is a tactical draw with 1-1.

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